Discover the Autumnal Equinox

Connect with the Natural World and your own innate wisdom with this powerful guided workshop and crystal grid activation.


The Celestial Event that Fascinates and Inspires

The Autumnal Equinox is an astronomical event that occurs every year around September 22nd. During this equinox, the sun crosses the celestial equator resulting in equal amounts of daylight and darkness worldwide. The profound impact that this moment represents was deeply revered and honored  by ancient civilizations for a reason; it triggers a sequence of events that transforms our landscapes and our soulscapes. Learning how to tune in and work with the energy of the moment allows us to fully achieve our potential during this block of time until the Winter Solstice brings on the next shift.

This workshop will provide you with information and tools to assist you in your journey to align with the natural progression of the earth and your own inner flow with the universe. 

Together, we will explore:

Equinox in Ancient Civilizations

Learn how our ancestors revered this astronomical event

Sacred Geometry + Crystals

Select the stones and patterns that tune you into the energies

Rituals + Manifesting

Enter into a state of flow with the natural rhythms of the earth

Lean into Ritual and Synchronicity

The power of ritual cannot be understated. We are what we repeatedly do. When we choose to consciously and continually align ourselves and our energy work with the natural order of the earth, amazing things start happening. We can enter into flow with the changing seasons, the alignments of the stars, the progression of time and only from this state are we able to access the highest versions of ourselves. We can harness this power through thoughtful connection to the earth and our intuition, taking decided action based on the exchange of information that we receive from this elevated state.

Gain Access to Special Bonuses

Smooth, melting and luscious fragrances that can cleanse and elevate. Choose the best botanicals,  resins or combinations to get you in the right mindset for your ritual. These offerings can be purchased for a special discounted price for all workshop attendees. This is the perfect time to add to your altar space or to seize the opportunity for a restock.

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Cleanse your Future

Burning resin or botanicals is a great tool for your daily practice, however the ritualistic aspect of this ancient custom can profoundly accentuate the experience. Learn how to enter into state for this special occasion and elevate your energy from meh to magic.


Why you should VIBE the Autumn Equinox Energy Workshop

If you feel the deep knowing of your ancestral connections to this celestial event; a curiosity about the ancient civilizations who revered it, or you are simply seeking to deepen your connection with your innerSelf and the natural world during the autumn season, this workshop is for you. The mere fact that you are here, reading this at this moment, drawn to this page, is a magical synchronicity that indicates you are called to this energy work. Together we can cultivate mindfulness and presence through ritual-based practices that celebrate the season for everything that it represents. With the right knowledge and tools, we can harness the energy of the Harvest Season to manifest transformation and abundance in all its forms. We will teach you how to integrate these lessons to take them beyond the equinox and through the season. We are so much more powerful when we focus together.

What you'll Get:

▼▼▼A Beautiful Downloadable PDF Workbook sent to your inbox on 09/21/2023

 ($22 value)

▼▼▼LIVE on ZOOM Autumn Equinox Discussion, Rituals, Crystal Grid Activation and Q&A
***Replay will be available through 10/06/2023

($111 Value)

▼▼▼Gift Box Shipped Directly to Your Address Including:

     ►Crystal Chips Collection Jar + Tea Light Candle with Autumn Equinox Lid
***mixed + charged LIVE with the equinox energy and grid activation

     ►Laser Cut Baltic Birch Leaf Altar Activator

    ►Fragrant Laser Cut Palo Santo

***items will ship after the event as the mix is created LIVE on camera

($55 VALUE)

▼▼▼All workshop participants will be entered into a draw to receive a crystal collection jar featuring the stones used on the Autumn Equinox Grid

($111 VALUE)

▼▼▼All participants will receive an 11% discount off of their entire purchase at *valid 09/22/2023-10/06/2023 for websiste orders only, not applicable to live sale vibes*

▼▼▼  The first 10 participants will be entered into a special draw for a custom lighter case

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About Our Creations

Aura Merkabah designs are inspired by the desire to marry the form and function of spirituality to the tools used in its practice. The way our rituals fit into our spaces, and into our daily lives directly influences the frequency of our impulses to participatie in them. Our physical, digital and in-person offereings are always presented with pure positive intentions for your own spiritual expansion and personal growth in this manifested reality.

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San Diego

My experience was creative, reflective, inspiring, and of course radiant 🧡✨ from the moment I stepped into the high vibrational space, I felt at home. I felt supported, I felt like I belonged, and I felt excited to be in community with such powerful women. The entire immersive experience was unlike any other, filled with such intention and gratitude. I adored being among true goddesses filled with all forms of light. I will say yes to every single Radiant Retreat (by Aura Merkabah) 🫶🏼💫



Aura Merkabah’s brillaint mind has produced such original designs for crystal gridding using sacred geometry… She starts off with the group cleansing ritual and a grid activation. all I remember while watching and listening to her do this, was a sense of calm come over me, a sense of comfortness and ease. like pulling over your most favorite worn-in hoodie over your head and feeling the soft warmth build as you sit in it. As she moved through all the most unique items and beautiful crystals, I found myself gaining knowledge on so many subjects without effort...



Radiant retreats (by Aura Merkabah) was set to be a fun night that ended in a reminder of connectiveness to not only ourselves and our own inner Goddess, but the connection to others and to honor theirs along the way...It was a chance to build more connection, sever things that no longer served us, and step into a new feeling of empowerment. There was plenty of conversation to go around, new friends to be made, and of course lots of magic. .


Los Angeles

Had the best weekend with the best women. Thank you for this unforgettable experience.


San Diego

This retreat felt like I was getting together with my closest girlfriends, only we had all pretty much just met. The energy was radiant and the vibes were impeccable. Radiant Retreats (by Aura Merkabah) held space for us to relax, center ourselves and recharge our spirits and I left feeling blissed out and tapped in to my spirit. The sound healing, crystal gridding, and fire release ceremony helped me ground into my ancestral roots and it was honestly hard to leave the space Alia so creatively built for us to enjoy. I will be back for more ❤️


San Jose

Have you ever spent an entire weekend with a group of strangers? I did and it was the most spiritual, inspiring, magical, comforting, inviting and accepting experience I've ever had. I ended 2022 in Sunny San Diego manifesting who I would become in 2023. On my ride back to the airport that weekend, I realized they were no longer strangers, I was parting ways with close friends. I've learned that the Universe works in mystical and mysterious ways and it's all part of the journey.

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Big Equinox Energy Workshop 

Documents will be sent directly to your inbox 09/21/2023 and the LIVE workshop will be on ZOOM 09/22/2023 at 6pm PT. Replays will be available through10/06/2023. Instructions will be emailed after purchase with all the details you need to have an extraordinary event.