Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen
Black Tourmaline Specimen

Black Tourmaline Specimen

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Item Details:

Variety: Black Tourmaline
Weight:  1lb 15oz
Height :
Width: 5.5"
Origin: Brazil


This Piece:

 Glistening specimen allows the light to travel across it's linear formation, somewhat akin to selenite. A beautiful addition to any collection.

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Crystal specimens are statement pieces. Their presence is felt by their size and beauty both physically and energetically. These power pieces are ideal to put in the spaces we spend the most time in, such as the living room, bedroom or office.  The substantial size beckons to be handled and admired, as it finds it’s hefty grip in the hand, commanding our full attention. They are a wonderful reminder of the high vibration energy that crystals bring to our experience. Each Aura Merkabah crystal is hand selected for its clarity, rainbows, overall beauty and energy.

Crystal specimens are also a wonderful way to enhance our gridding experience. Placing a power piece adjacent to the crystallography of a grid compounds the energy carrying our intentions. Consider these pieces to be a booster for the crystalline formula designed to assist in manifesting our desires.

Each Aura Merkabah specimen piece is perfectly sized to fit in allotted slot of your Merkabox Energy Tool Kit.

Crystal Care

Crystals should be energetically cleansed before each use.  Come to a place of love in the heart and say quietly or out loud “ I cleanse this crystal with pure love and light, and charge it with pure positive source energy”.  For a deeper energy cleanse, use water, sound or smudge while holding the intention for the highest good. (**Note: always check the water solubility of your crystal before submerging it in water. ) For an especially powerful crystal experience, set the stone out for a short sun bath, or moon bath to reconnect it to the universal life force. Crystals should be kept dust free. The dust sticks with an electrostatic charge that interferes with the energy of the crystal, and interferes with its ability to reflect light, which is one of its paths to source energy. 

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