Fluid Inclusion Quartz "Enhydro

Fluid Inclusion Quartz

These mystical quartz crystals contain inclusions of water, air and sediments that are millions years old. A bubble commonly known as an "enhydro" resides encased within the crystal, like a time capsule containing information from our ancient history.

This crystalline elixir represents the divine purity of mother earth in her natural, undisturbed state. The crystal energetically washes away negative energy from one’s aura, clearing and transmuting it into pure positive source energy.

Select this crystal to assist with physical healing, clearing toxins from the body, and overcoming addiction. Enhydros are known to increase compassion, heighten intuition, improve the flow of communication, and enhance spiritual receptivity. It is an excellent tool to connect with ancestral energies, as the water acts as a medium between spiritual planes.

Fluid Inclusion Quartz holds strong vibes of abundance. As water is the most abundant resource on earth, the enhydro allows one to believe that they can attain whatever they seek. Water connects us all. It courses through our veins and across the earth. This crystal connects us with people and opportunities that bring more abundance into our experience.

There is also a strong lunar connection with enhydro’s as the moon’s gravity interacts with the water within. Charging this crystal by the moon brings a sense of connection to source, and enhances our capabilities to manifest intentions and to release what no longer serves us. It will bring into focus what we want to achieve and illuminate the path in the direction of those desires.

It encourages us to embrace change, as change is inevitable. We will simply be like the water and go with the flow, squeezing through any opening in our path until we reach new boundaries, and the process begins anew.

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