Aura Merkabah is the embodiment of your own divine essence.  It is a resonance with the fabric of the universe in your personal experience. It is an experiential duality between your self and your Self.  Aura Merkabah is The Esoteric Lifestyle, designed to raise your vibration to resonate with your higher consciousness. This resonance is accentuated by crystal energies, ancient knowledge, and sacred geometry. It stems from the deep knowing of an awakened soul.


Our desires are never stagnant. They are ever flowing, ever evolving just as the world around us is. Our desires reflect the reality that we exist in, or the reality we want to attract, depending on how connected we are to our higher Selves. Living life in pursuit of our desires while simultaneously feeling gratitude for the now is the absolute key to a happy existence and is the very reason that we came forth to this physical reality.
Aura Merkabah designs aim to adapt with us in this co-creative experience of life. We invite complimentary crystal energies and sacred geometries into our aura in pursuit of our joy, which like a flame ignites more joy to those around us. We create beautiful energy tools; art that fine-tune's the reality that we want to manifest.

How do we do it?

Aura Merkabah designs are highly customizable and interchangeable, allowing us to switch out crystals or geometries in our jewellery and home décor. We love the use of magnets for this, as magnetism is simply another manifestation of light. The sensation of magnetic forces in our hands can raise our consciousness in the present moment to resonate with the presence of energies that most have yet to awaken to. We aim to spread this love and light around the world, to make the Esoteric Lifestyle accessible to anyone who is attracting it. 

About the Designer:

“I spend my days going through life seeing things not only for what they are, but for what they CAN be.”   -ASC


I have always been attracted to stones. Since I was a young girl, I collected and tumbled rocks and crystals as keepsakes from my many adventures. Those adventures included incredible culture, architecture, archaeology, ancient ruins and world travel that helped to shape the person I am today.

As a young adult I carried a little rose quartz that I had tumbled myself as a gratitude rock.  For years this rock switched from purse to purse with me as I earned my BAA Interior Design and began working on design projects around the world.

I was (and still am) fascinated by the beauty of the Fibonacci spiral and the divine proportion, and it served as both my business logo and design philosophy. However the lifestyle I had created left little time for the things I love most. I unknowingly called for a change, and the universe answered.

One day, out of the blue, I remembered that little piece of rose quartz that had been forgotten amidst my hectic lifestyle for years. It called to me from inside my heart and gave off a signal like a homing device to come find it. Within moments, I was reaching into the depths of my closet, into the back pocket of my long forgotten vintage Christian Dior purse. And there it was: that beautifully soft and smooth piece of rose quartz that I had tumbled as a young girl and carried with me for all those years. I was overcome with a feeling of love, and something else...something more. As I sat with that piece of rose quartz in my hand, I could physically feel the gentle pulses of loving energy coming off this very sentimental stone. It came along with a feeling of wide-eyed wonder, and a download of over-whelming information that I could not quite explain. I felt enlightened. I felt connected to more. I felt I had access to a power that had been dormant within me. It was an awakening.

 From that moment on I was changed. I began to study everything I could on all the stones; their composition, their hardness, their formations, but I knew there was so much more to learn. I could feel the secrets that the crystals were sharing with me and I wanted to know them all. I finally found the world of crystal healing, a world I was previously oblivious to,  where I began to study and practice meditation with as many crystals I could. I have learned so much from both the wealth of information out there, and intuitive experiential learning from the stones themselves. I am always reaching to expand my knowledge and my dominion over the law of attraction,  but overall I have learned to harness crystal vibrations by entering into a state of love, light and connectedness. I respect the crystals and the vibrations they share with us, and recognize that just like all living things, each one is unique with its own insights and gifts to share or withhold.

I have found the most profound insight is this: pay attention to how we feel, and always reach for a better feeling thought. Find gratitude for where we are, and simultaneously attract the energy for where we want to be. Have absolute faith that these polarities attract our true desires, and enjoy the ride. Simply let go and delight in allowing the unfolding to take place.

Do we need crystals and sacred geometry to achieve this? Absolutely not. We have direct access to infinite potential at the epicenter of every cell in our bodies. But tuning our energies to the right frequency that opens up those communication channels takes diligent practice.  Even the best of us could use a little boost to stay in alignment. Crystal energies resonate, so when we expose our own energy field , which is our aura, to those vibrations, it can allow us to energetically harmonize with more ease. Simply put, crystals are tools that help us reach the ultimate state of connectedness, the Merkabah state, when all the frequencies in our personal experience align in perfect sacred geometries. We know our infinite potential. We know that we are the Universe. We know that we are all connected. We know that we are One.

And so my crystal collection has grown from an impressive personal stash to a shop full of curated and exotic specimens from all over the world. I have channelled my skills as an interior designer into drafting mathematically precise sacred geometric designs for jewelry, home decor and crystal gridding. My international experience in the bazaars and local markets has opened opportunities to curate gorgeous pieces that accentuate our home decor line.

It is my honor to share this with you, and to inspire you to raise your vibe in order to facilitate your own connection to all that is. 

 With Love, Light, and Positive Intentions,


***DISCLAIMER***Crystal are never to be used in place of any medical attention, ever. It is important that you are aware of that distinction. We must harness all the tools at our disposal to live our best life.

Special Thanks to Esther Hicks, Nassim Haramein, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Robert Simmons, Naisha Ahsian, Deepak Chopra, Svaroopa Yoga, and Spirit Science  for their role in my awakening experience. I highly suggest you seek them out to further expand your mind and your understanding of the fabric of the universe. Use your best judgement, and notice what resonates true. Allow your higher Self to guide you.