Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold Sheen Obsidian

Gold sheen obsidian has a dazzling chatoyance that captures the energy of the sun. Like other obsidians, it is an excellent stone for clearing negative energies, and purifying the auric field. This stone assists in reclaiming ones personal power and bringing forward hidden talents that are in alignment with the higher self. It aids in achieving clarity of purpose and direction, enhancing worldly success and physical manifestations of desires. It is an excellent companion for emotional healing, and instilling a desire for the highest good for all beings.



Chakra: Muladhara (Root, 1st) Manipura (Solar Plexus, 3rd)
Platonic Solid :  Dodecahedron
Hardness 5-6
Water Elixir:
Crystal System:
N/A (Volcanic Glass)
Key Words: Clarity, Personal Power, Purifying Energy, Cleansing, Manifestation
Harmonizes With: golden labradorite, heliodor,  citrine, moldavite, Black Tourmaline

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