I AM> Aura Merkabah

I AM> Aura Merkabah

Aura Merkabah is the embodiment of your own divine essence.  It is a resonance with the fabric of the universe in your personal experience. It is an experiential duality between your self and your Self.  Aura Merkabah is The Esoteric Lifestyle, designed to raise your vibration to resonate with your higher consciousness. This resonance is accentuated by crystal energies, ancient knowledge, and sacred geometry. It stems from the deep knowing of an awakened soul



Our desires are never stagnant. They are ever flowing, ever evolving just as the world around us is. Our desires reflect the reality that we exist in, or the reality we want to attract, depending on how connected we are to our higher Selves. Living life in pursuit of our desires while simultaneously feeling gratitude for the now is the absolute key to a happy existence and is the very reason that we came forth to this physical reality.
Aura Merkabah designs aim to adapt with us, as we invite complimentary crystal energies and sacred geometries into our aura in pursuit of our desires. We create beautiful energy tools; art that fine-tune's the reality that we want to manifest.

How do we do it?

Aura Merkabah designs are highly customizable and interchangeable, allowing us to switch out crystals or geometries in our jewellery and home décor. We love the use of magnets for this, as magnetism is simply another manifestation of light. The sensation of magnetic forces in our hands can raise our consciousness in the present moment to resonate with the presence of energies that most have yet to awaken to.

 What to expect:

Beauty, simplicity, creativity and adaptability.  Aura Merkabah designs are inspired by mother nature, crystal energies, ancient knowledge, and modern science. We want to make these designs accessible to anyone who is attracting The Esoteric Lifestyle. Together we can manifest a world full of more love and more light.

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