Rutilated Quartz

Rutilated Quartz

This ultra high vibration stone pulses with energy with an almost electric feel. Each of the sparkling rutile needles encased in the quartz holds a pathway to the potentiality of the universe. It acts as a reminder that there is more than one route to our desired outcomes, and allows guidance from higher consciousness to come to us from multiple vantage points. It is an excellent tool for communing with Source energy with its perfect balance of cosmic light and creative power. 

This is a crystal that is known to increases intuition, and is an excellent aid to assess the vibes of any situation. Rutile is a powerful and protective mineral, and that power is amplified by the quartz. The uplifting vibrations of Rutilated Quartz remind us to stay steadfast with our goals. It provides mental clarity and focus, allowing us to follow through with our ideas and plans. It brings creativity, and imagination and grounds that light energy through the aura and into the earth.


Rutilated Quart is a highly programmable stone that magnifies the energy of our intentions, and is an ideal choice for manifestation work. Its energy is reminiscent of electromagnetism, tune in to the toroidoal field of energy flowing through its vortex. Visualize intentions flowing through the rutile like an electrical current moving through a circuit, and hold absolute certainty that it will light up and become manifest.


Chakra: All
Platonic Solid :  Dodecahedron
Hardness 7 + 6-6.5
Water Cleanse:
Crystal System:
Trigonal + tetragonal
Composition: Silicon Dioxide : SiO2
Key Words: Imagination, Willpower, Manifestation, Intuition, Creativity, Mental Clarity, Focus, Grounding, 
Harmonizes With:

: all quartz, moldavite, phenacite, tanzanite, danburite, azezulite, herderite, brookite, Tibetan tektite, merkabite calcite







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