Seed of Life

Seed of Life

A seed is a symbol of pure potentiality. It is a capsule of possibility whose sole purpose is to protect an embryo until the perfect conditions are achieved to burst into manifested reality. Those conditions may take decades to arise, but when they do, the seed blooms into life with amazing beauty and complexity.

The seed of life is a pattern of 6 interlocking circles that surround the center of a 7th circle of the same diameter. The center point represents singularity or source energy; the point of consciousness from which we are all connected. The unfolding of this sacred pattern holds answers within its geometry to questions that span from the physics of light to the harmonics of music. Every aspect of life blooms from this singular geometric seed, eternally interlocked with the expansion of the universe.

The deeper we explore this incredible symbol, the more it reveals to us, with implications of encoded knowledge that relate to consciousness and the unifed-field. This exploration begins when we connect the intersection points of each circle to one another, uncovering the hidden straight lines and angles that are inherent to the symbol. These are the building blocks of the universe that can fractal into infinity.


Consider that this symbol is a 2-dimensional depiction of our 3-dimensional reality. Once we expand our understanding of the seed of life in this way,  the equilateral triangle becomes a tetrahedon, the most stable of the platonic solids. It is reversed and interlocked with its polarity, revealing a star tetrahedron (Merkabah) inscribed by a sphere. As we take this exploration further still, Buckminster Fuller's "vector-equilibrium" is revelaed,  the single most stable shape that is perfectly balanced in each direction. This implies that the fabric our universe is in perfect equilibrium, cancelling out all opposing forces, allowing us to perceive "space" as empty. Space is not empty at all, it is FULL of pure positive source energy. The seed of life unlocks the field of information that can be found in both curves (feminine) and angles (masculine). It will bloom into the flower of life, which will expand our knowledge even deeper in understanding our physical and non-physical reality.

Select this geometry for meditation on new intentions, manifesting dreams, enhancing creativity, connecting to source energy, attracting abundance, love, and a deep understanding of our reality.

The 7 circles of the seed of life can be considered as symbols for the 7 days of creation (6 movements for 7 circles), the 7 chakras, the 7 colors of the rainbow, 7 notes in the heptatonic musical scale, and more.

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