The Merkabah

The Merkabah

The Merkabah is a crystalline energy field that surrounds all living beings. It has been known since the dawn of ancient Egyptian civilization as the light-spirit-body, and is considered a divine light vehicle for spiritual travel.  It is known by mystics to provide an expanded awareness that connects us with elevated potentials of consciousness, and restores access and memory of the infinite possibilities of our being.

The Merkabah appears out of the seed of life and the flower of life; the sacred geometry of the universe, as a star tetrahedron. It takes the energetic shape of two inverted tetrahedrons that spin in opposite directions. This counter-rotating field of light is an extension of our auric energy that affects the spirit and body simultaneously. It extends great distances around the body, and spins at a rate that can approach the speed of light. The size of the aura and the speed of the spin are directly correlated to the spiritually awaked state of each individual.

It is said that most people today are in such a spiritual slumber that their Merkabah is completely dormant. But there is a great awakening taking place, and anyone reading this information is part of it. We are once again seeking alignment of the mind, body and soul, and becoming aware of the potential within us.   

How to activate your Merkabah:

Divine, unconditional love is the primary factor that allows the Merkabah to become a living field of light.  To activate your Merkabah, tune into the frequency of love, light and gratitude. Breathe deeply (pranayama), be in the now. Act with intention, raise your vibration and allow your reality to manifest. When the Merkabah meditation is performed correctly, there is a fluid integration of our feminine (intuitive, receptive) and masculine (active, dynamic) aspects of our mind and spirit. We enter into a deep state of connectedness, and become physically radiant. Once fully activated, the Merkabah it is capable of carrying our consciousness to higher dimensions. Its usefulness in our experience of reality is unparalleled.

 Note: everything in our reality possess a star tetrahedral energy field, including planets! Help to activate Mother Earth’s Merkabah by spreading love and light to everyone and everything your meet!




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