Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar
Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar
Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar
Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar

Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar

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Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar: A Collector's Dream

Embrace the vibrant energy of summer with this limited-edition crystal collection jar, a first-time a la carte offering!

Normally available only at our exclusive live crystal parties, this stunning jar captures the essence of the season in a breathtaking array of crystals.

Unveiling a symphony of summer:

  • Ultra-Rare Super High-Quality Citrine with Lepidochrosite Inclusions: This exceptional citrine boasts a sparkle typically reserved for amethyst, adding a touch of magic and summer glitter to your collection.
  • Extremely High-Quality and Extra Luminous Optical Golden Hair Rutile Bulbous Tear Drop: Witness the captivating beauty of this golden rutile, its luminosity a testament to its exceptional quality.
  • Clear Quartz Merkabah & Tiger Eye Merkabah: Embrace the powerful energy of these Merkabahs, symbols of ascension and spiritual connection.
  • Star Citrine Sphere & Smoky Quartz Sphere: Bask in the warm glow of the star citrine and the grounding energy of the smoky quartz sphere.
  • Raw Smoky Quartz Point & Firecracker Quartz Sphere: Experience the raw beauty of the smoky quartz point and the vibrant color and energy of the firecracker quartz sphere.
  • Bed of Crystal Chips: Including citrine, golden rutile, carnelian, and gorgeous amber, this bed adds a touch of vibrant color and diverse energy to the collection.

A true collector's item:

  • Soul of Summer Lid: This special lid commemorates the limited-edition nature of this jar, making it a treasured piece for any vibe tribe crystal enthusiast.
  • Limited Availability: In true Aura Merkabah fashion, only 3 jars are available, ensuring you possess a truly unique piece.

Don't miss this rare opportunity to own a piece of summer magic. Add the Soul of Summer Crystal Collection Jar to your collection today!