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Crystal gridding is a type of meditative art that allows us to connect with our crystals, our intentions and our higherSelf. More than just a meditation, this increasingly popular activity is the unfolding of an experience that raises our vibe at all phases of it's process. From preparing the space, to selecting the crystals, to placing them, to activating the grid and admiring it's beauty once complete; we cannot help but find ourselves in a mindful state of allowing, the ideal vibration for manifesting our desires.  Crystal gridding is a wonderful activity to do alone or with like minded souls who we can share our intentions with.  The sacred geometry of each piece holds deep, layered meaning, allowing us to take our gridding experience to higher levels of consciousness. 

If you have found your way here, perhaps you are curious about the growing popularity of crystal gridding. But what is it really? How do we do it? What is it for? We hope to provide you with all the answers. If you have ever enjoyed meditation coloring, crystal gridding will provide a similar experience exponentially amplified by the vibrations of gorgeous crystals, mother nature's masterpieces. Aura Merkabah has created a beautiful crystal gridding system to help simplify and punctuate this incredibly awakening experience.  Unlock your creative potential and give this incredible esoteric lifestyle meditation a try. Experience the relaxation and inspiration that this moment can provide. This is art that you can live in, and art that you can live by.

Follow the steps below to get started.


1) Set your intentions

Perhaps you are simply looking for a mindful moment to create something beautiful or perhaps you are trying to manifest a specific outcome. Clear your mind and allow a loving vibe into your heart center as you align yourself with your intention. Perhaps for example you need to convince someone of how awesome you are. You may have a job interview, or a first date, or a meeting with an investor coming up.  This calls for a grid designed around communication.  It is best to assign 1 - 3 words to your intention, for the above examples you might choose communication and, self confidence, love, or abundance respectively.

2) Select Your Crystals

Once you have established your intentions, you can begin to choose the crystals that correspond to them. If you are not too familiar with the energetic properties of crystals, you can use the search icon above to enter your intention and the search will deliver all the available corresponding options. Click in to the options to select the crystal which best suits your purpose.  Alternately you may choose to intuitively select the crystals that are best suited to your present moment, and allow the grid to populate as you are guided by your higherSelf.

What you will need:

The Focus Stone

 This will be the crystal that you place at the center of your grid, and it will be the lens through which the energy of the grid is projected into the universe. Most commonly we would select a generator crystal for this as it's flat bottom collects the energy from the earth and the pointed top beams the energy out into the universe. In some cases you may wish to select a sphere as a focus stone for a gentler more radiant energy. You can select any stone shape that intuitively calls to you from carvings to palm stones, so long as it is the anchor and energetic focal point of the grid. Visit the collection pages for information on the benefits of selecting different shaped stones as your grid's focal point.

Gridding Crystals

These are the little baby crystals that will populate your grid. You can select pocket stones or miniature carvings. Generally we select 3, 6 or 12 of any variety of gridding stone in order to symmetrically populate the sacred geometry grid, however you may be intuitively guided to take a different approach. Allow this co-creative experience of meditative art to unfold as effortlessly as possible.

The Double Terminated Wand

Once you have completed your grid, you will need to activate it to combine the energies of your selected stones and intentions with the universe. We will discuss the activation process below.  Select a double terminated crystal point for this that is at least 2" long. Double terminated crystals encapsulate energy between their two points while simultaneously allowing it to flow inwards and outwards in both directions. For best results, your selected wand should be a very personal crystal that you keep within your energy field frequently. This is a bonding tool and the more time you spend with it, the more powerful your connection to your grid will be. 

 3) Select Your Canvas

There are so many options for your gridding platform. You may choose to grid right on the table, or you may have a beautiful cloth to spread out. Perhaps you would choose to grid on a Selenite disc or Obsidian scrying mirror or Agate slice to fuse your grid with those corresponding energies. Most commonly, you will want to select a sacred geometry to guide your crystal placement along the energetic lines that make up our universe. You can select your geometry intuitively, or explore the deep layered meaning behind each of the symbols to select the one that is in the most alignment with your intention.


4) Prepare Your Sacred Space

Selecting an enjoyable spot for your gridding meditation will significantly improve your experience. You will want to choose a spot where you have some room to spread out, and preferably a flat level surface. Perhaps your coffee table, kitchen table, dining table or working desk. Perhaps you have a dedicated sacred space somewhere, or you would just like to spread out on the floor. Clear and cleanse your space to prepare for your mediative experience. Set up your geometries if you have selected any, and place your crystals beside their intended canvas .  You may want to light some candles, play some music, burn some smudge or set up a singing bowl to energetically cleanse your space and signify that you are ready to begin. Take a moment to breathe and settle in with the present moment and with your intention.

5) Populate Your Grid

This is the best part of the whole process. Hold the emotion of your manifested intention in your heart center. You may take a moment to visualize yourself having achieved your goal, then let go and allow your higher Self to guide the placement of each crystal. It does not matter where you begin on your grid. Sometimes you may want to place your focus stone first, sometimes you may want to place it last. Enjoy the co-creative process of this beautiful experience with your crystals. Stop from time to time to really admire a crystal before you place it. Notice its inclusions, colors or chatoyance. Resonate with the frequency of it's vibration. Thank it for participating in this energetic expansion with you. Once you have placed all your crystals, take it all in. How does it feel? Energetically check in with the placement of your stones, and make any adjustments you are called to. Admire the beauty you have just created.

6) Activate Your Grid

Now that all the stones are placed, it is time to activate your intention to the Universe. This is achieved by connecting the energy from yourSelf to the focus stone, to the gridding crystals. Pick up your wand and energetically connect with it. You may want to physically touch one end of the wand to your forehead while you sync up with the crystal's energy. Hold the energy of your intention in your heart and mind then visualize that energy moving through your hand and through the wand into the focus stone. You may want to physically tap the focus stone with the opposite end of your wand, or hover your wand over the focus stone and connect them energetically. With the focus stone activated, the grid is ready to be connected. Start moving your wand back and forth from the focus stone to each and every crystal on the grid. You can intuitively create a pattern of connection or you may choose to go from like stone to like stone until you have connected them all. Imagine a trailing beam of light following your wand and hovering over your crystals in the pattern of your grid. Keep your intention in your mind as you go through this motion, or perhaps speak an "I am" mantra out loud as you go through this mediation. " I Am abundant. I Am creative, I Am full of Vitality." You can repeat the connection process as many times as it feels right, usually between 1- 3 times. Once you can feel the connection of your grid put down your wand. And so it is.

7) Display your Grid

Selecting the right spot to display your grid is a big part of the fun. If the grid was designed freehand straight onto a surface you will want to pick your spot ahead of time, but if you designed it on a platform such as the Aura Merkabah Grid Board or a slice of Agate you will be able to move it to a power place once it is complete. Choose a spot where you can admire your grid often to resonate with and reaffirm the intentions channeled into it. A coffee table, bookcase, bedside table or other designated space would be ideal. You can also place these types of grids discretely in important places, such as under your bed for love or slumber, or in the abundance corner of your home. If you are a massage therapist or Reiki master you may want to slip a grid beneath your massage table or wherever you want to get creative. Choose a grid size that most suits it's intended home. We offer 4", 6" and 10" grids to provide you with the most flexibility to compliment any space. Depending on the size and variety of your crystal grid, you may want to keep it up for different lengths of time. You can keep a grid active for as long as you like, be it one day or one year or any amount of time. Keep it as dust free as possible. The dust sticks with an electrostatic charge that interferes with the energy of the crystal, and interferes with its ability to reflect light, which is one of its paths to source energy. Tending to your meditative art will continually reinforce your intention towards it. Once you feel that the grid has run it's course it is time to take it down and make room for another.

8) Deactivate Your Grid

Disassembling a grid should be as much of a ritual as setting it up. You may choose to cleanse the crystals before taking them off the board, or you may choose to wait to cleanse them until their next use. Some may enjoy the process of using the double terminated wand with an intention of gratitude for the grids work in a symbolic deactivation ritual, however this is not entirely necessary. You can achieve this same vibration of gratitude as you remove each crystal one by one and return them to their home for safe keeping. This may be in a jar, or velvet bag, a box or a bowl or any place that they can be safely stored together until it is time to work with them again. 

 You can choose to display your sacred geometry on a wall or flat surface until you are ready for another magically beautiful meditative art experience. Our 10" grids come with magnetic hardware that make them stackable and perfectly aligned with the overlapping geometry. We have also designed a triangular wall cleat to compliment these grids, allowing them to be hung and stacked with as many overlapping geometries as you desire. These pieces make for a beautifully dynamic, transformative and interactive display. Change the order of the grids to completely change the visual effect. When you are ready to for another crystal gridding experience, simply remove the gird from the wall and get started.



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