Crystals, Sacred Geometry & Your Infinite Potential

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We are so pleased to invite you to browse this interactive resource of comprehensive information about crystals, sacred geometries and ancient wisdom. Click on the image below to begin exploring articles detailing key information about our crystals and sacred geometry.  Use the drop down menu to see an alphabetical list of all the available articles, or use the search icon  above to lookup crystals by their corresponding intention, chakra, element, platonic solid or crystal system. This resource has been designed to assist us in selecting the perfect crystal and geometry to resonate with the vibration of our deepest desires. Use this tool to select which jewelry to wear for the day, for a highly customized gridding experience, or simply to expand your mind. Click on key terms within any of the articles to dive deeper into understanding your stones, geometries and ancient knowledge.  Discover which crystals resonate most with other crystals, and the rich meaning of all the symbols connected to them. Keep checking back as we are continually expanding on this resource. We encourage comments and discussions to expand on the understanding of the energies represented by the content within.