The Magnetic Nature of Our Thoughts

What We Think About We Bring About

Just as sure as magnets pull together or repel with unwavering persistence, so too is the law of attraction.  But this magnetism is so much more than the attractive/repulsive forces between objects. It is the pulling together of our physical reality into our personal experience. We practice this law with love, light, and positive intentions for ourselves and for the whole. We exist in a state of mindfulness of our thoughts and emotions, and always reach for improvement while remaining in a state of gratitude for the now.  What we feel becomes real. The sensation of magnetic forces in our hands can raise our consciousness in the present moment to resonate with the presence of energies that most have yet to awaken to. Magnetism is simply another manifestation of light,and so are you. You pull whatever you focus on towards you, without exception.

Practicing The Law  of Attraction

To pull together a life experience that feels better, we find gratitude for where we are, and simultaneously attract the energy for where we want to be. We have absolute faith that these polarities attract, and so we enjoy the ride on the river of life. We simply let go, allow our fingers to trace along the delicious metaphorical waters, and delight in taking it all in as we allow the unfolding to take place.

How to Incorporate This Law of the Universe in Your Daily Practice:

1) Clear Your Mind 

Close your eyes, take a few deep breaths. Allow a warm loving feeling into your aura. Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Breathe the air up into your third eye (in the middle of your forehead, just above your brows) before sending the air deep into your belly. Exhale slowly. Tighten your throat muscles, narrowing the exit path of the breath out of the mouth, making a gentle “haaah” sound. (Think of the sound you make when fogging up your sunglasses before polishing them.) Repeat this type of breathing exercise known by yogis as Pranayama breathing for as long as you can. A ten-minute meditation with this clear minded breathing is the very foundation for allowing your best life to manifest. Visualize breathing in vitality, exhaling out what no longer serves you. With each breath, allow more life force energy to fill up the vessel of your body. Resonate with the Omni-presence of this energy at every moment and in every cell of your body and every particle of the universe. Allow a gentle smile onto your lips as you feel your connection to your source energy strengthen. At the very least, this exercise will increase your brain power, and put you in a very relaxed state of allowing. If you practice nothing else, practice this. 


2) Set Your Intentions

Determine what it is that you want to manifest in your life. Do you want to be in love? Do you want to enjoy your job more? Do you want more financial abundance? Better health? More travel? More spiritual connectedness? More time for creativity? Figure out what it is that will bring more happiness in your life. It is best to write these intentions down in a notebook, a special notebook just for these types of thoughts is best. Be specific about what you want, but vague about the details. Make everything in your book of intentions about your own vantage point. You cannot set intentions for others. For example, do not say, “I want my partner to love me more”, rather say, “ I want to be in a loving relationship” or “ I want to feel more love in my life”. If you want to bring more money into your life do not say, “ I wish my boss would give me a raise” but rather “ I want more financial freedom.” If you feel unheard by the people you most interact with, do not say “ I want so-and-so to listen to me more” but rather, “ I want to be better at communicating my point-of-view”. Make a list as long as you like and then select 1- 3 things to focus on at a time. Do this from a place of love for yourself and others as you imagine what your best life looks like.

***BONUS*** create a crystal grid to compliment your selected intentions. Choose crystals with energies that amplify your deepest desires, and put yourself in a state of gratitude for the energies that they provide in assistance of your pursuit of happiness. For more on crystal gridding click here.


3) Visualize your Intentions 

Make a mind movie, a daydream full of as much detail as possible of what it looks like, and more importantly, what it feels like when your deepest desires are real. Play out a typical “Day-in-the- life of me” in your mind’s eye. What will you do first when you wake up? What car will you get in when you leave your home? Where are you going? How does the sky look? How does the air feel in your hair? What are you wearing? Who are you interacting with? Add all the positive emotion and tactile excitement you can muster into these visualizations. You can do this in quiet mediation at your favorite spot, or while you are waiting in line at the grocery store. Feel the truth of these visualizations in your heart center. The more frequently you can practice this, the better you will become at creating your reality. 

4) Act As If Your Intentions Are Already True

Find alignment with the energies of your desires and live your life at that vibration. If you are seeking more attention from your loved one, treat them as if they just cooked your favorite dinner. If you are looking for a promotion at work, start walking around the office with the confidence you would hold if that were already true. If you want a new car, act as if it is sitting there parked in your driveway! This step is perhaps the most challenging to master, but once you do, the effectiveness of this practice is unparalleled. 


5) Believe that your intentions will manifest while holding gratitude for your current circumstances.

With unwavering faith, know that your best life will come to you. The Universe will conspire to create the perfect circumstances to bring you to your joy, so long as you do the work to raise your vibration to match them and attract them into your experience. We raise our vibration by putting ourselves into a state of gratitude for the now, feeling the positivity and life force all around us and within us. Do not judge the way that your day unfolds, and allow yourself to be surprised by your changing desires as you are exposed to new experiences. Do not hold any expectations for timing, or particulars. When you are ready, the door to your desires will open.


6) When the Door Opens, Walk Through It

The Universe likes speed. When you say you want something, and you notice an opportunity to lead you in that direction, run, don't walk through that door . Allow the momentum to accelerate as quickly as you are comfortable to cope with the changes. Do not worry if you miss a chance, there will always be another one as long as you keep doing the work of resonating with love and light for yourself and others.

7) Pay it Forward

Keep spreading love, and spreading this light. Do your part to raise the vibe of those around you. Together we can raise the vibration of the whole planet, and manifest a future for all of us to live in a state of knowing of our infinite potential.