6" Signature Aura Merkabah Grid / Sphere Stand

6" Signature Aura Merkabah Grid / Sphere Stand

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6" Signature pattern. The seed of life and the merkabah intersect in this beautiful grid, merging the masculine straight lines and feminine curves into one beautiful pattern. The empty triangle in the middle symbolizes unity, stability, and connection to the source of all energy. It is one half of merkabah that invites your consciousness to link in, interlocking the duality of the universe, and activating a powerful energy that is initiated with intention. 

Creating a crystal grid is more than just a meditation. It is the unfolding of a beautiful art form that raises our vibe at all phases of it's process. From preparing our space, to selecting the crystals, to placing them, to activating our grid, to admiring it's beauty once complete; we cannot help but find ourselves in a mindful state of allowing, the ideal vibration for manifesting our desires.  Crystal gridding is a wonderful activity to do alone or with like minded souls who we can share your intentions with. 

Aura Merkabah grids are all original designs, conceptualized, visualized, drawn and manifested by our in house designer. The sacred geometry of each piece holds deep, layered meaning, allowing us to take our gridding experience to much higher levels of consciousness. Select the geometry that most resonates with our current vibration, and allow the intuitive process to begin.

Grids are available in 4", 6" and 10" diameters. The 10" grids are interchangeable components for your Merkabox- Energy tool kit. They are available in a variety of finishes and can be used with with or without the optional frame.