Big Equinox Energy Workshop

Big Equinox Energy Workshop

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An Interactive Workshop that provides information and tools to assist you in your journey to align with the natural progression of the earth and your own inner flow with the universe. We will explore the Equinox in ancient civilizations, rituals to honor the dawn of Autumn, crystals and sacred geometry to harness the energies, and a community crystal grid activation.

If you feel the deep knowing of your ancestral connections to this celestial event; a curiosity about the ancient civilizations who revered it, or you are simply seeking to deepen your connection with your innerSelf and the natural world during the autumn season, this workshop is for you. The mere fact that you are here, reading this at this moment, drawn to this page, is a magical synchronicity that indicates you are called to this energy work. Together we can cultivate mindfulness and presence through ritual-based practices that celebrate the season for everything that it represents. With the right knowledge and tools, we can harness the energy of the Harvest Season to manifest transformation and abundance in all its forms. We will tecah you how to integrate these lessons to take them beyond the equinox and through the season. We are so much more powerful when we focus together.

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▼▼▼A Beautiful Downloadable PDF Workbook delivered to your inbox on 09/21/2023

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▼▼▼LIVE on ZOOM Autumn Equinox Discussion, Cleansing and Charging Rituals, Crystal Grid Activation and Q&A on 09/22/2023 at 6pm PT
***Replay will be available through 10/06/2023

($111 Value)

▼▼▼Beautiful Gift Box Shipped Directly to Your Address Including:

     ►Crystal Chips Collection Jar + Tea Light Candle with Autumn Equinox Lid
***mixed + charged LIVE with the equinox energy and grid activation

     ►Laser Cut Baltic Birch Leaf Altar Activator

    ►Fragrant Laser Cut Palo Santo

($55 VALUE)

▼▼▼All workshop participants will be entered into a draw to receive a crystal collection jar featuring the stones used on the Autumn Equinox Energy Grid

($111 VALUE)

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