Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)
Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)
Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)
Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)
Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)
Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)

Rutilated Quartz for 6" Grid (G.RT.14)

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Variety: Rutilated Quartz
Weight: .05kg
Height :
Width: 1.1"
Origin: Brazil


This Piece:

Select this stone for abundance, creativity and manifestation.

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Single Points/ Generators

These single terminated, flat-bottomed crystals are incredible capsules of mystical energy and beauty. There are several varieties of this type of crystal, but we call them all generators so long as they are flat bottomed. Some call them different names according to the number or shape of faces on the point. Regardless of the configuration of the point, these crystals are like a battery packing power. They are among the most versatile types of stones as their energy can be used for meditation, healing, cleansing, amplifying, and protecting its user. They can be used to send, focus and direct energy, or to draw in and ground energy to the earth. This is an excellent place to start a crystal collection, and to expand on our collection as we become attuned to the different vibes that are unique to each piece. 

Generators are a vital component to every crystal gridding toolbox. They serve as the energetic towers that send the signal of our grid’s vibration to Source energy. The flat bottom collects the energy from the earth and the intentions we set into the grid, and then sends it up to the universe through its point. Source energy responds, sending energy back through the point of the crystal, which then grounds it to the earth through the lens of the grid. This makes the generator an ideal focus stone to select for grids with manifestation intentions. It is a strong power source for other crystals that surround it, amplifying their energy with laser focus. To activate our grids energy to the universe, come to a state of gratitude for the present moment, and tap a double terminated wand from the self to the generator to each of the crystals on the grid. This process should be relaxing, uplifting, and meditative as we effortlessly hold our intention in the mind's eye while resonating with the crystal energies in the heart.

Crystal Care

Crystals should be energetically cleansed before each use.  Come to a place of love in the heart and say quietly or out loud “ I cleanse this crystal with pure love and light, and charge it with pure positive source energy”.  For a deeper energy cleanse, use water, sound or smudge while holding the intention for the highest good. (**Note: always check the water solubility of your crystal before submerging it in water. ) For an especially powerful crystal experience, set the stone out for a short sun bath, or moon bath to reconnect it to the universal life force. Crystals should be kept dust free. The dust sticks with an electrostatic charge that interferes with the energy of the crystal, and interferes with its ability to reflect light, which is one of its paths to source energy. 


All Aura Merkabah generators are hand selected for clarity, rainbows, overall beauty and/or energy. The size of the crystal does not necessarily denote its power or vibration. Even the tiniest generator can have a massive impact. It all comes down to our connection with it, the intentions put into it, and the love vibrations that it evokes.

Each Aura Merkabah piece is perfectly sized to fit with your 4”, 6” or 10” grid. The 10” pieces are also perfectly sized to fit in the allotted slot of your Merkabox- The Energy Tool Box.