Double Terminated Fluorite Wand (W.FL.1)
Double Terminated Fluorite Wand (W.FL.1)
Double Terminated Fluorite Wand (W.FL.1)
Double Terminated Fluorite Wand (W.FL.1)

Double Terminated Fluorite Wand (W.FL.1)

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Variety: Fluorite
Weight: .344 kg
1.75 “ at widest point
Origin: China

Chunky Double Terminated Beauty.

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About Double Terminated Wands:


Double terminated crystals are a most powerful component to any energy tool kit. They can encapsulate energy between their two points while simultaneously allowing it to flow inwards and outwards in both directions. These mystical pieces give us perspective on the duality of our existence, physical and non-physical. The exchange of information between the self and the Self is amplified between the double terminated points, making it an ideal crystal to keep within our energy field throughout the day and night. This allows our energy to fuse with the crystal's, amplifying our intentions as their vibration is consistently being fed back into source energy. Tune in to it’s responses: vibrational cues to open doors and opportunities that accelerate the manifestation of our desires.

The double terminated crystal is an essential component to activate a crystal grid. Once the crystallography has been designed, we use the wand to move  energy from ourselves to the focus stone, to each individual crystal on the grid. This can be achieved by physically touching one point of the wand to each crystal, or by hovering it over the crystals while holding our intention clearly in the mind's eye. Intention's can be as simple as overall wellbeing or as specific as to feel the passion of physical love. This is the moment to be present with how we feel when our desires become real. 

All Aura Merkabah double terminated wands are hand selected for clarity, rainbows, overall beauty and/or energy. Each piece is perfectly sized to fit in the allotted slot of the Merkabox- The Energy Tool Box