Elevated Tea Ritual For One (included in full size ritual boxes)

Elevated Tea Ritual For One (included in full size ritual boxes)

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Elevated Tea Ritual: Soul of Summer in Exquisite Luxury

Indulge in the full expression of summer with this luxurious tea ritual for one.

This elevated experience features our signature "Soul of Summer" tea blend, a vibrant mix of organic hibiscus, rose hips, orange slices, and a captivating fruit medley. The tea is displayed within our tall, elegant collection jar for easy storage and a touch of sophistication with custom lid.

Brew and savor in unparalleled elegance:

  • 24 Karat Gold-Rimmed Ritual Teacup and Saucer: Elevate your tea ceremony with a touch of opulence.
  • Gold Summer Solstice Tea Strainer: This beautiful strainer ensures a perfect cup every time, while its golden hue reflects the summer sun.
  • Genuine Star Citrine Sphere: Embrace the energy of abundance and positivity with this stunning gemstone which plays a fun, unexpected role in the ritual.
  • Golden Spoon: The perfect instrument to measure and gracefully scoop your tea leaves.
  • Jar of Honey with Custom Lid and Sacred Geometry Honeycomb Charm: Add a touch of sweetness and symbolism to your ritual.

Please note:

  • This elevated tea ritual is designed for use with your own teapot or carafe at home.
  • For the ultimate brewing experience, consider upgrading to the Fibonacci Flower of Life carafe, (included in the "Super Deluxe Ritual Box" ) and sold separately.
  • This luxurious tea ritual is part of the full-size Ritual Boxes for the Soul of Summer virtual retreat.
  • Add this item to your box if you want to share your tea Ritual with a magical loved one (highly recommended)

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled beauty and serenity of the Elevated Tea Ritual. Let the "Soul of Summer" blend invigorate your senses and transform your daily tea practice into a luxurious ritual.