Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe
Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe
Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe
Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe

Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe

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Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe: A Harmonious Vessel for Mindful Hydration

Embrace the beauty of nature and geometry with every sip.

This stunning 1.3-liter Fibonacci Flower of Life Glass Carafe, hand-blown by skilled artisans in Spain, elevates your hydration experience. Crafted from high-quality, lead-free glass, it seamlessly blends modern elegance with the ancient wisdom of sacred geometry.

Inspired by Nature's Design:

The carafe's captivating form is meticulously mouth-blown to reflect the Fibonacci sequence, a mathematical pattern found throughout nature. Each tier seamlessly transitions into the next, representing a number in the sequence, creating a visually stunning and harmonious whole.

Effortless Elegance and Functionality:

The carafe boasts a secure, rounded base for stability. The included lid features a delicate knob for easy removal, making filling and cleaning a breeze. Adorning the bottom of the vessel is the Flower of Life symbol, available in either gold or white, adding a touch of elegance and imbuing your water with sacred geometry.

Empower Your Hydration Rituals:

More than just a carafe, this vessel serves as a tool for mindful hydration practices. Fill it with your favorite beverage,charge it under the sun or moon, or enhance its energy with crystals.

The Perfect Choice For:

  • Anyone seeking a unique and beautiful carafe for everyday use
  • Practitioners of mindful hydration and water rituals
  • Those who appreciate the power of sacred geometry

Invest in more than just a carafe; invest in a mindful approach to hydration.

Pair this beauty with our 10” Flower of Life Mirror as a base to further enhance the beauty of this piece.

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