Fluorite Sphere (S.FL.1)
Fluorite Sphere (S.FL.1)
Fluorite Sphere (S.FL.1)

Fluorite Sphere (S.FL.1)

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Variety: Fluorite 
Weight: 1.446 kg
Origin: China


About Crystal Spheres:

Crystal spheres provide us with a unique opportunity to interact with our crystal. It’s shape encourages us rotate it and perceive it from multiple vantage points, which is a very opening personal experience. This state of mind allows solutions that had not yet been conceived to flow to us on the energy tails of the crystals vibrations with which we have aligned. This feature is what has given crystal spheres it’s powerful reputation for scrying, particularly the quartz variety. However, all varieties of crystal spheres are excellent tools for this type of opening meditation.

Unlike a crystal point, where crystalline energy in funneled into a powerful stream out of the ends, crystal spheres gently radiate a soft glow of constant unwavering love. They embody perfect symmetry, as they release a gentle rendition of their positive energy in all directions. This makes the crystal sphere an ideal choice to raise the vibration of our surrounding space.

Their balancing energy makes them wonderful tools for our crystal grdding experience. They can be used alongside any arrangement, or they can be used as an alternative focus stone for our grids. Place a crystal sphere in the middle of a grid for balancing energies that keep us focused in the present moment. They are used to release worry as they neutralize negativity, encouraging us to envision a better future, thus playing a role in manifesting it. 

The sphere is known to represent completion, perfection, radiance, spirituality, the divine feminine and the unfolding of conscious awareness. Rotate and position your crystal sphere frequently to maximize on the magnetic powers of attraction that these tools possess. 

Tip** place the crystal sphere on an Aura Merkabah mini grid to display it in your space.  It smoothly spins in place when rotated, harnessed by the sacred geometric grid. This rotation in the hand and yet grounded to the earth has a powerful feel, somehow providing the sensation of control and precision in our energy work.

Place it somewhere prominent such as on your desk beside your mouse, or on an altar space to harness this energy whenever it is desired. Store in a dust free dark space when you are no longer working with it.

All Aura Merkabah spheres fit in the designated slot of the Merkabox- Energy Tool Box.