PRE-ORDER Rainbow Holographic Infinity Light / Radiant Crystal Grid

PRE-ORDER Rainbow Holographic Infinity Light / Radiant Crystal Grid

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This listing is for a PRE-ORDER luminary. Select your preferred geometry and your piece will be custom made for you. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your item to ship.

This sacred geometry rainbow holographic infinity light creates a mystical mood in your space. 

Hang on a wall, place on an easel or flat on a table for an incredibly versatile double sided piece of functional art.

The layered geometry is whimsically dynamic depending on the angle you look into the illuminated art piece. The seed of life can be found at the center of each piece and has a ghosty effect, a reminder that it is from this geometry that all the other geometries are born.

Place flat on a table for a completely illuminated and elevated crystal grid experience. The center cut triangle makes a perfect sphere stand, to light up your favorite focus stones.

The Led lights are USB powered and can be plugged into a wall socket, battery pack or computer.

A remote control is included which can select from a variety of colors for a healing dose of chromotherapy, creating a multitude of moods. There is also pulsing, fade, and other fun color changing options to choose from. Please note that the remote control needs a direct line of site to the dongle on the cord in order to function correctly.

The USB power gives you the flexibility to place your  Luminary wherever you feel it most fits, without being limited by the location of your wall plugs. You can even take it outside for your full moon parties, camping trips, festivals or bon fires by the beach. At home, place in the center of a table or on a bookshelf without needing access to an electrical outlet. The Options are limited only by your imagination ✨

Diameter: 11"

Thickness: 3.5"