Pyrite Flames
Pyrite Flames
Pyrite Flames
Pyrite Flames

Pyrite Flames

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Pyrite Flames: Ignite Your Summer Solstice Altar

Channel the fiery energy of the sun with these stunning Peruvian-carved pyrite flames.

These magnificent sculptures, crafted from pyrite, are the perfect addition to your summer solstice altar. Polished to a diamond-like sheen, these pyrite flames radiate an extra luminous glow, symbolizing the sun's brilliance and power.

More than just beauty:

  • Pyrite's Power: Pyrite is known as a stone of abundance and protection. These flames can energize your space and bring a sense of security.
  • Sun's Energy: The flame shape embodies the sun's vital energy, perfect for celebrating the summer solstice, the longest day of the year.
  • Hand-Crafted in Peru: Each piece is a unique work of art, meticulously carved by skilled artisans in Peru.

Standing at approximately 4 inches tall, these pyrite flames are the perfect size for your altar or any space that needs a touch of fiery energy.

Embrace the spirit of the summer solstice and ignite your intention with these captivating pyrite flames.

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