Selenite Candle
Selenite Candle

Selenite Candle

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Essence of Sacred Woods  With notes of Palo Santo, Cedar Wood and White Sage
Natural Apricot + Coconut Wax Approximate Burn Time of 10 hours
Wooden Tube Wick
Cylindrical Flame, Soft Crackling Sounds

Hand Poured During the 
New Moon

Charged with Pure Positive Intention

This cleansing candle is liquid light, radiating a soft loving glow into any space it occupies, even before it is lit. The Selenite Vessel is capped with a sacred geometry lid that doubles up as a mini sphere stand. It is accented with a 4” sacred geometry grid base that can also be used as a separate sphere stand. Once the candle burns all the way down, reuse the vessel as a tea light candle holder. Use the burning candle to ignite you smudge for a highly esoteric experience. 

for best results burn your candle until it melts evenly across then extinguish with the lid. Burning time should not exceed one hour at a time.

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