Cleansing Collection Jars Bundle
Cleansing Collection Jars Bundle

Cleansing Collection Jars Bundle

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This perfect cleansing collection includes: 

-1 Mini Sage Bundle ( sustainably harvested and certified organic)
-3-7 Palo Santo Sticks (depending on thickness of the wood)
-1 Medium Candle Pillar
     *Essence of Sacred Woods, with notes of Palo Santo, Sage and Cedar Wood           * Wooden Tube Wick for a uniquely beautiful flame
- 1 Sacred Geometry 3-Jar Tray

If you can't decide between sage or palo santo, why should you have to choose? Have both handy and beautifully displayed, ready to clear away negative vibes at a moment's notice. It is always best to ignite your smudge tool with a candle, and so we have included this cleansing candle as part of the collection. Create a beautiful ambiance in your space with this uniquely decorative collection.

Smudging to clear away negative energy is an age old practice to purify and cleanse individuals or the environment. The burning of dried herbs, resins and sacred woods releases negative ions into the atmosphere, making the energy in our spaces feel lighter and brighter. A cleansing ritual is a great way to start or end the day as a reminder of our intention to keep our thoughts and feelings clear of negativity. It is also an excellent way to begin a crystal gridding session, as we prepare our space for new vibrations that help us find alignment with our higher Self.