Summer Soulstice Suncatcher
Summer Soulstice Suncatcher

Summer Soulstice Suncatcher

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 This geometry was designed specifically for the "Soul of Summer" virtual retreat, and is inspired by the magic of the summer solstice. The geometry is comprised of a 12 pointed star, two interlocking seeds of life a hexagon and a dodecahedron. There seeds of life are perfectly spaced to represent the rotation and movement of the sun and our planet. Codes of light are included inside this geometry and working with it will  immediately bring you closer to the energy of the sun.

This listing is for the "Summer Soulstice Signature Grid" only. It is shown with Metatron's Cube Grid for reference of how they overlap and become more dynamic when they magnetically click together. This will be the second geometry used during the virtual retreat, however it also works very well with the fractal seed of life and the torus geometries if you prefer to use one of those. Select any of the 10" geometries available to create and experience the magic and intricacies of this overlapping sacred art.  Add on the triangular wall cleat to make this meditative tool double up as wall decor when it is not in use. This grid will also attract any magnetic surface, from your refrigerator to your magnetic idea board.


All the 10" grids fit perfectly to The Crystal Gridding Board or The MerkaBox Energy Tool Kit or the crystal carousel to enhance your gridding experience.

The back of this piece has a burned turtle wood effect, the front a smooth natural wood look.

3/8" Oak Hardwood